Customising my own NAVi sounds really exciting. But what does it exactly allow me to do?

You’re right, customising your own NAVi is really exciting! Honda now lets you redesign your own NAVi. We at Honda have two kinds of the NAVi— a standard design, and one that can be a reflection of your individual personality. This is a chance for you to flaunt your creativity and show the world how you personalise your own NAVi to suit your taste.

I really want to participate, but I’m 17 years old. Can I still customise my own NAVi?

Although we cannot allow you to participate as an individual unless you’re an adult, we do have an alternative. You can always participate in a team that has at least one member who is 18 or above!

Is this contest open to all nationalities?

Of course! We welcome participation from everyone, as long as you’re a NAVi rider!

I don’t have any experience when it comes to customisation. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. We welcome new designs and fresh, quirky looks. This is a unique contest for all our NAVi customers, first-timers or otherwise.

Since I don’t know how to customise, am I allowed to use external help?

We don’t mind you taking help, as long as the design is yours. Here’s a pointer for some bonus marks though – just make a team with whoever is helping you, and flaunt your design and their skillset with pride!

Okay, I’m pumped up for the contest and now I can’t wait to get started. What accessories can I use for customising my NAVi?

We’re glad to know you’re ready to start! Here’s a list of what you can use –

  • A custom kit for the NAVi available to you at the the Honda Dealership.
  • Stickers, body paint jobs, spray paints.
  • You can also fabricate your own custom kit or use third party services.
  • Painting and using stickers can also be done with the customisation kit given to you by Honda.

All this sounds really cool. Is there anything I should NOT use in my original designs?

As long as you don’t feature any nudity, profanity or elements that have any religious or political undertones, we’re good! Also, you cannot change the identity of NAVi, Wing Mark and the Honda Logo, they should remain on product. Also all the logos should be clearly visible.

Got it! How do I participate?

It’s pretty easy. Just follow the following instructions—

I’ve registered. What is the next step?

Our team will now get in touch with you to help you understand everything better as well as to clarify any additional doubts you may have.

What happens once I enter the contest? Is there any shortlisting process?

Once you register, we will give you a start date for you to begin the design process on your NAVi. After that, we will also organize mentorship sessions in your city.

All participants will be asked to present their bikes to the jury for judging at the City Finale. If you win the City Finale, you will then go on to the Grand Finale and compete with the winners from other cities.

What if my design wins the contest?

As a NAVi Rider:

We’re really excited for that to happen! The winner at the City Finale wins a prize money of INR 25,000 and the runner up wins a prize money of INR 10,000. The City Finale winner and runner up also enter the Grand Finale. The National Winner at the Grand Finale stands to win —wait for it— an opportunity to showcase the winning design at Auto Expo 2018 along with a prize money of INR 2 Lacs. The runner up at the Grand Finale wins a prize money of INR 1 Lac.

What is the last date for submitting my design?

Registrations close by the 9th November, 2017. You can awe us with your final design by submitting it anytime till 1st December, 2017.  

I am a To-Be NAVi Rider, how do I participate in Honda NAVi Customania?

You can participate in two ways.

Download the Honda NAVi Mobile App from here and customize your Honda NAVi and submit it to win a prize money of INR 5,000 at a City Level. This also entitles you to participate in the National Level where you stand to win a prize money of INR 25,000.

You can also log in to and register to participate at a National Level to customize your NAVi and you stand to win a prize money of INR 25,000.

You can participate in both the contests!