Honda NAVi Customania

NAVi Customania is the power we give you to create what you like. It is not just a word, it is all about personalizing and customizing your NAVi, your way.

The freedom to personalize your NAVi, according to your taste. So here it is, Honda NAVi Customania—for you, by you.

We have news for you. Your NAVi is now more than just a fun ride. It can now take you to the biggest motor show in Asia. Sounds unbelievable?

All you have to do is participate in the Honda NAVi Customania, design your own NAVi to show off your creativity and win exciting prizes along the way. The best designs will be showcased at— wait for it — Auto Expo 2018!

Do you have what it takes to customize the NAVi in a way that’s unlike anyone else? Register for the contest now. Fame, fun and excitement await!